Development of a Digital Twin for Workcell 1 for VT’s Industry 4.0 for Sustainable Development Lab (I4SD)


Digital twinning is the mapping of a physical asset to a digital platform. Digital twin approach is one of the latest technologies to emerge from Industry 4.0. In this process, physical objects and systems are recreated on a virtual interface and as a result, a fully developed digital replica is constructed for future testing, development, and experimentation.

The goal of this project is “the development of a digital twinning project for the Industry 4.0 for Sustainable Development Lab (I4SD) with a focus on the design of Workcell 1 at Kelly Hall”. To achieve this goal, the project seeks to address two main objectives to develop (1) digital simulations of space equipment and information flows that can be used by Industry 4.0 for Sustainable Development Lab (I4SD) faculty and industry partners for the collaborative design of Workcell and for teaching in Workcell 1, and (2) summary of a potential Calhoun Discovery Program module on digital twinning.


PI: Kereshmeh Afsari

Co-PIs: Shahabedin Sagheb, CDP and Alejandro Salado, ISE


Linked Publications: 

A Modeling Methodology Towards Digital Twin Development in Smart Factories for the Industry 4.0 Human Augmentation Experiments