Director: Dr. Nazila Roofigari-Esfahan

Focus Areas:

  • Cyber-Physical Systems-based management of Construction Processes
  • Smart and Connected construction worksites
  • Enhanced and augmented construction training and education
  • Improved safety at highway worksites
  • Smart wearables to improve safety
  • Ubiquitous mobility in smart and connected communities
  • User-interactive smart spaces

Example Projects:

  • Design and evaluation of a connected work zone hazard detection and communication system for Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAVs)
  • Employing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to Enhance building Roof Inspection Practices
  • Designing Interactive Human-Aware Academic Spaces to Enhance User Experience through Ubiquitous Information Management
  • Investigating The Factors Affecting Workers’ Situational Awareness in Highway Worksites